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About Georgia 
Grapes with Leaf
Up Way Publications 35th Anniversary
Message of the Month
Message of the Month

Volume 1 No. 6                                                    
Did God Forget to Tell Us?

The entire principle of Bible Study upon which we at Up Way Publications, the old Bible Apostolic Study and the new Followers of Jesus Christ Fellowship  and the principle by which all truth can and should be determined is whether or not it agrees with all that the Bible says on the subject and neither adding our own opinions or logic to it nor taking away from it.

From Genesis to Revelation, God repeatedly says that He is One and His name One. Repeatedly we are told and shown that he is an All Powerful, Omnipotent Spirit. Over and over we are told that He is present everywhere in the universe, controlling and regulating and managing everything by His word. If He were a Person, that is a mask or a physical being or a man-type body, He could not be everywhere because our sun, all the moons, stars and planets throughout the universe would be filling His Body with foreign elements like bullets in a man!! If God had been limited to the physical body of the One who told Abram that he was to be Abraham, the Father of many nations, as many people think of Him, God could not have been Omnipotent at that time.  It would have been an impossibility both by definition and in reality. So, too, when He wrestled with Jacob, showed Himself to Moses in the Burning Bush and on Mt. Sinai, as the Fourth Man in the fire when Nebuchadnezzar put the faithful Hebrew  young men in the fiery furnace.

So long as I remain on teaching in this way, even those who believe the most opposite from me on the matter of the Bible Plan of Salvation, Water Baptism or the Trinity,  listen and agree when and while I point out step by step what the Bible says. But then they begin to bring in logic and theory and the so-called Apostles' Creed or the Nicene Creed as though it were Bible. Rest assured that neither of these creeds goes back to the days of the original Apostles. These are heresies that originated with Satan who used Tertullian and Athanatius of Alexandria to corrupt the church and its doctrines in the Third and Fourth Centuries -- well after all the original Apostles were dead and could no longer combat error.
For many years now, ever since I saw that I had been misled, I have marvelled at the spiritual blindness of those who say that "Well it is true that the Bible doesn't use the word "trinity" anywhere, but the "principle" of the trinity is all through the Bible."

Why can we not believe the Angel Gabriel when he told Mary that the Holy Spirit would impregnate her and that her Son would be called the Son of the Highest? Does it make any sense to think that the Third Person of the godhead fathered the Second Person who then became or was the Son of the First Person?  That is how you have to understand it if you accept the doctrine that God is composed of three persons. If the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is not the same Spirit of the Lord who moved upon the face of the deep in Genesis 1 and created the earth and the universe and all living things, both plant and animal, and if He really is a person, even though His very name is Spirit, then you have the confusing paternity of Jesus. Was He the Son of the Third Person, as you have to believe if you insist that God is a trinity, then you must also call Him the fourth rather than the Second Person and if He is the fourth Person, then you no longer have a Trinity but a Quaternity unless you eliminate the now missing Second Person!! Wow! That's confusing. 

Whether they realize it or not, these preachers and Bible teachers are saying that one the one hand, it is crucial to whether you are a Christian or not to believe in the "Trinity" but on the other hand that God totally forgot to even mention it in His Divinely inspired Word!!! For a God who is so precise and exacting that we know Him and who He is, how in the universe could He have forgotten to say even one time, "Now I am the Eternal Father and I am co-equal partners with My Eternal Son and the Holy Spirit." And then, of course, if, as most trinity theologians claim the Father is Superior to the Son and the Holy Spirit, how can they also be co-equal and in such perfect harmony that they act as one?  And if they are co-eternal, they all began at the same time point of origin, yet that is neither possible nor logical if any One is the Son of any other One. 

AMAZING!!!Whether you do or do not believe in the trinity really IS important,  however. Why? If you believe in any god that is not the One True and Living God of the Bible, you are believing in a false god and your sins remain unforgiven. 

From the moments leading to the first sin of mankind, Satan has cleverly asked his most important and oldest question, "Yea, hath God said...?" and comes back with his own response that God really didn't say what He meant or that what He said does not necessarily going to happen. You have only to look at the account of Satan in the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden and see how he used the question, "Yea, hath God said...?"  to rebut God's word. "Ye shall NOT surely die...God knows you'll become smart as He is - why Eve, You'll be like gods yourselves, knowing good and evil." And I am sure that each of us, if we are honest, can think of instances in which Satan has used similar tactics to try to convince you and me that we really don't have to go by God's word and maybe to question whether we even really know our Bibles. Satan Tempts Eve

Look around you. How many people do you know who claim to be Christians, attend their church regularly, but live like God does not exist?  I knew schoolmates when I was just a preteen who had questions about God and who He really is. The questions ran all the way from simply wondering who He is, to wondering why God, or a part of Him had to become flesh and live among us, suffer and die for our sins, to wondering how He could be three persons all at the same time, with all the aside questions that raises.

In this sermon, I am not going to attempt to name nor to disprove all the fallacies of the trinity doctrine, but just to arouse your desire to know truth and point you to the one real source you can depend on for answers. That source is the Bible.  When you go home today, get out a Bible with a concordance or an electronic Bible and do a search for the word "trinity." You will not find it. Then search for "three persons" or "three persons godhead." Again, unless you have a doctored modern version, you will not find even one reference in which God or the Godhead is spoken of in a triune manner.  Then search for "God," "Godhead," "Jehovah," "Jesus," "Lord," "Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost)," or any other combination you can think of that might indicate a three-person godhead. Finally look for combinations of "God" by all the above terms and "One". You will be amazed at the result. 

You will also not find God spoken of as a person anywhere excepting for "walking in the Garden," the angel whom some believe was a theophany of God  who appeared to Abraham to promise Isaac and for whom Abraham prepared food or the one who appeared to Jacob to wrestle or the "Fourth Man in the Fire," made famous by an Oral Roberts sermon some years ago.  In fact, except for the person of our Lord Jesus Christ, somehow God forgot to tell us that there were ANY persons of God. Instead, He repeatedly demonstrates the supernatural characteristics of a spirit and when speaking of Him, the word Spirit is always capitalized. (A little aside here, the word "Spirit" as translated in the New Testament is the Greek word "Pneuma" or one of its variants and means a breath or wind. The only use of the Greek word for "Ghost," "Phantasm" or Phantom as we would say in English is the account of Jesus walking on the water and the disciples at first thought they saw a ghost.) In the first chapter of Genesis, "the" specific and singular "Spirit of the Lord..." spoke the world and the universe into existence. In case you wonder, according to the Rule of Scientific Evidence, this is a more scientific explanation of how everything happened than the "Big Bang" or "Evolution." You will find that God is ALWAYS referred to as a Spirit who is Most Holy, All Powerful (Omnipotent), Everywhere present (Omnipresent), possessing All Knowledge (Omniscient), the very Reality of Truth and at the same time kind and good and the very being of Love in the sense of graciousness caring and compassion. As previously noted, not once is He referred to as a human-like "Person" other than for brief and miraculous appearances and disappearances possible only to a Spirit and of course our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, the Lamb of God.

Not one place in the Bible does God ever say, "Thou shalt love the Trinity with all thy heart..." Not one place does God ever say, as an acquaintice in Chicago feared, that if you pray to Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit may get jealous, if you pray to the Father, then Jesus or the Holy Spirit might get jealous. But if God really were a trinity and if He really loves us like He says He does, wouldn't He caution us of these person problems? After all, all the heathen gods of the Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were always getting jealous on one another. Wouldn't He want us to know which of His three persons to address in prayer and praise under what circumstance?

Friend, Please go back to what the Bible really says and understand it from the perspective of the original writers and intended readers or hearers. My father used to say, "Paper lies still and you can put anything on it." If you take the time to see, there are thousands of different beliefs out there, Christian and non-Bible-based, all of which have bits and pieces of truth. But it has often been said and really is quite true that Satan doesn't care how much truth you get as long as you don't get genuine saving truth. Jesus came to earth, the one and only Person of God, to live, suffer and die like a man; to be tempted in all points like as we are, but without ever sinning Himself so that He could be the perfect sacrifice for us, for our sins. He paid the entire cost for our healing and salvation and it is only by His grace that we have the opportunity to hear His word, believe, feel conviction as a result of our believing, hear God's plan of salvation and repent and be baptized into Jesus Christ, thereafter becoming a new creature in Christ with old things passed away and a new Spiritual life and desire now controlling all or nearly all of our activities and words.

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Up Way Publications 34th Anniversary
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