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 Up Way Publications 42nd Anniversary

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Why Is This Happening To Me? 
Volume 8   No. 2                                                                 February 02, 2010
This message was first written  by Marlene Juharos, TexasSower@aol.com. Published in PrayerVine
Click here for printable PDF copy of this message.
If God is with me, why is all this happening to me? FBS061108R PrayerVine@aol.com  Date:    Wed, Jun 11, 2008 5:43 pm
"The sower soweth the Word." (Mark 4:14).

IF God is with me, WHY is all this happening to me?

In the Bible, when God's people got fat and happy, invariably they turned from Him and began worshipping idols. God would then turn away because of their sin and idolatry and the enemy soon began to defeat them in the midst of their
independently prosperous lifestyles.

For a period of seven years, we see the nation of Israel in this position
again, as the Midianites thwarted control over them. Their crops and livestock were being ravished, and they were fearfully hiding out in hills and caves. They and their land was being shaken.

Finally the Israelites came to their senses and cried out to God for help! The story in Judges 6 continues when the Lord appeared to Gideon while he was threshing wheat in the bottom of a winepress. The Lord said to Gideon:

Judges 6:12
“The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valor."

Gideon must have thought: "Give me a break, Lord! Can't You see where I'm at? I’m IN THE PITS. Things couldn't be going any worse. Why is all this happening to me? I know You are God and that you are with me, but I can’t believe what we're all going through. We need a miracle!”
Here’s what Gideon actually said: Vs. 13..."And Gideon said unto Him, “Oh my Lord, if the Lord be with us, why then is all this befallen us? And where be all His miracles which our fathers told us of?”

There had been no peace and prosperity in Gideon’s life for SEVEN YEARS!

So many times, while going through difficult situations, I've asked, “Where are You at God, and where is my miracle? And WHY is this happening to me if You are with me? Where are all the miracles like we’ve seen in the past?...Why are You not doing them for me now?”

Most of those around Gideon were in to idol worship... but not Gideon!
He may have been fearful like all the rest, and we know he felt like a
nothing...perhaps he even felt like a coward, but he had not denied God. Yes, he was hiding out. But the Lord knew what was in Gideon's heart. God wouldn't have called him a "mighty man of valor" (or) “a man of strength and bravery,” if he wasn’t! The situation AROUND him apparently had humbled him, which was a GOOD thing! Later when God did give him victory over the enemy, Gideon KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt Who won the battle and to Whom the glory belonged.

Had Gideon been full of faith and power in his own might, perhaps he would have been inclined to take some of the glory, when victory did come ... or,  most likely, God may NOT have used him at all!
(Continued on Page 2)

 Up Way Publications 42nd Anniversary

The Bible Apostolic Logo features the golden sun rising from a deep blue morning sky. The Bible as the one foundation upon which we build and are establishes is marked open by the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Great Creator who so loved us that He became flesh and dwelt among us, then bled and died to pay the debt for our sins. Then the golden sun arc doubles to represent the open tomb from which He arose triumphant. The descending dove represents the coming of the Holy Spirit to us and the flame represents the fire and power of the Holy Spirit in the life of every true believer. When asked if we are Fundamentalist, we are more Fundamental than they.
Are we Evangelistic? Very!
Are we Baptist? We place a higher value on Biblical water baptism than the Baptists.
Are we Pentecostal? We definitely believe in the entire of the Acts 2 experience including that the promise of 2:38 and 39 is to all that the Lord our God shall call.
Are we Apostolic? Our desire and goal is to preach, teach and practice that exact same Gospel that Jesus Christ and His Original Apostles taught and would still be teaching if here in person, as we prayerfully try to be their faithful representatives. 
— Samuel M. Smith,
Presiding Elder

DO REAL Christians Sin Every Day? 
(Continued from Page 1)
Difficult circumstances, all those things that surround us that look like God has turned His back on us personally, may only be the result of the sins of the nation, and not necessarily a sin in our own soul, as the devil would like for us to believe! God has a way of allowing the enemy to reign over the entire situation, so that He can get everyone’s attention, especially when there is sin in the camp! While the guilty are being punished, we often suffer to a degree right along with them. But during this time of suffering, God is humbling and preparing the righteous to help lead those sinners back to Him.

It wasn't until the Israelites were being defeated that they would call
out  to  God  as  a  nation!   When things  were going well, they began building altars to other gods.
  Human nature hasn't changed much today, has it? Sometimes the innocent have to suffer with the multitude for the overall sins that are being committed... Because of His mercy, grace and love for His people, God always has His "Gideons" being prepared . A "Gideon" meaning a humble, unlikely deliverer.

It's a person that has no outstanding attributes of their own...one who is quietly waiting and working in the "threshing mills," faithfully grinding out a daily living, and with their meager existence, helping others as they are able. And they are probably quietly wondering, "If God is with me, why are all these things happening to me?" Why am I suffering not being blessed?"

Even in the prosperous times, Gideon had not become great because he said how insignificant he and his family were, and he felt that in himself there was no way that he could deliver anyone. He certainly didn't feel like he qualified as "God's mighty man of the hour!" But, the Lord told him to go, not in his own might, but to go and deliver God's people knowing that the Lord God had sent him and that He would be with him. Over his lifetime, and especially those past seven years, Gideon had stayed faithful and humble, as God had preserved and prepared him for such a time as this.

When you don't understand the hardship and suffering going on in your life, but you have stayed faithful to the Lord through it all, and when you have repented of all known sin and have allowed the Lord to chastise you, and you feel like you are probably a complete failure...get ready for God to use you, thou mighty man/woman of valor. There are many that need deliverance all around you! God knows where you are at, just like He knew where Gideon was when He was looking for someone to use mightily.

All we have to do is look at all the turmoil in our land to realize that that time is coming very soon, if it is not already here, when God will look for His mighty people of valor to lead our nation back to Him.

Rooted and grounded in the love of Christ Jesus,

Marlene JuHaros,
Waving U. S. Flag

A Sincere Thank You. We experienced substantial growth in readership during 2005 and
more in 2006, 2007, 2009 and early 2010, due to much prayer and also in large measure to the
fact that you have recommended the Followers  of Jesus Christ  website to your friends and associates. We do no advertising, so YOU, our readers are our best human promoters.  Demands for print literature have dramatically increased in Ghana, Nigeria, Burma, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Russia and the USA. In the year 2006, certain DONORS who prefer not to be identified have made possible the printing of a total of over 100,000 Up Way Total Gospel tracts in Brazilian Portuguese, English, Russian, Burmese, Telegu, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi.  Your PRAYERS and  FINANCIAL SUPPORT are requested.
As of 2007, Up Way Publications International now includes
Up Way Publications India, Up Way Publications Pakistan and Up Way Publications South India. With the ministries in Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia and the Philippines as well as the United States, we have now officially added INTERNATIONAL to our name.  We hope and pray that you
"Help us Send the Light
To Conquer Satan's Night
And win more for Heaven
              In Two Thousand Eleven (2011)."
We need your help if you are a Computer Programmer, a Key Edit person, an Artist, a Translator, a Fund Raiser, an Email correspondent and if you can donate some time to the spread of the Gospel around the world. If you are retired and know the Word of God, you can live like a king in many Third World countries for a fraction of what it costs in the U. S. and at the same time serve as an independent missionary by starting home Bible studies. We will be happy to assist you in travel arrangements to through
AFFORDABLE WORLD Travel & Tours in making arrangements for you to meet with any other Apostolic missionaries or native pastors in the area you go to, providing Apostolic tracts and other literature you can trust in English or any of about 15 other languages we currently publish and in determining the government restrictions on house meetings, if any. At present, I believe there is no Apostolic missionary in the Republic of Georgia and it has both a very democratic constitution and stable government.

Click Here to find out where and how you might fit in.

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