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Acts 2 Award

About Georgia 
Grapes with Leaf
Up Way Publications 35th Anniversary

Message of the Month
The REAL Crime Prevention that WORKS
Volume 4   No. 11                                                                                   March  20, 2003
This message was first written  by Samuel M. Smith March,  ©2003 Up Way Publications. 

 With crime, violence and lack of respect for government at an epidemic level, it would seem that the judges and judicial of the United States would be moving in the direction of helping to prevent crime, but then you have the paradox of criminal prosecution of women and teenage girls who give birth and then throw away their babies, either after killing them or just simply abandoning them while the same woman or girl could have gone to an abortion clinic and paid a very cruel doctor, who has given his Hippocratic oath to save lives, force a slightly premature birth, but pulling the baby out feet first, gouging a scissor or other sharp instrument up into the back of the baby's skull, sucking its brains out with a powerful vacuum until the skull collapses and then thowing the lifelss little baby in the garbage is perfectly legal and protected by law, against that baby's right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Justice? No way! If you murder someone who could have identified you or at least kicked or swung its tiny arm at you, you can go to prison for that murder, but if you murder someone who is still too helpless to defend himself or herself, because it is still partially encased in its mother's womb, that murder is perfectly legal and even endorsed as a mother's right by many courts.

In past years, a highly educated and well qualified black man could have been refused a job which went to a less qualified white man because of his skin color and now, due to affirmative action laws, the reverse is true and the black man is, by law, given priority over a better qualified person of white or other race.  Anger and frustration are generated by both of the above legal injustices and hate crimes, often

resulting in murder. This has been on the national news several times in recent months. Employee passed over for promotion because of racial quota shoots Personnel director or boss and several coworkers, maybe just two or three, but sometimes as many as ten or twelve.

But while these crimes are horrific, the court is more interested in hearing complaints of the falsely named American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which I more accurately and disgustedly call the Anti-Christian Lawyers' Union as they seek to remove all vestiges of real American heritage and greatness, all reference to God and Christ and the Ten Commandments from public places.  The very things which are the foundation stone of the United States with our guarantees of personal freedom and the thing which made America the land of the free and the home of the brave is now under a vicious attack by the very organization who, by its name, claims to be defending those rights it seeks to deny and make illegal.

What made the United States the country that people from nearly every other nation on earth willing to give up virtually everything to come to; a land of freedom and liberty?  It was the fact that the majority of people were at least Christian in name and followed the Golden Rule and the teachings of their particular church. This made America a safe place to come to and build your family, your dreams and your fortune.

It is doubtful if any real immigrants moved to the United States with any expectation that they would change American religious beliefs or prevent Americans from continuing to exercise their freedom OF religion guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution which

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About Georgia 
Acts 2 Award
The REAL Crime Prevention that WORKS
(Continued from Page 1)

 declares, "CONGRESS shall make NO LAW regarding an establishment of religion NOR PROHIBITING the FREE EXERCISE thereof." [Emphasis mine.] Immigrants still to this day crowd the  offices of the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in the effort to come here.  They come WANTING the freedoms our Constitution guarantees, never dreaming that in a few years their names may be on a legal brief seeking to force a Circuit Court Building in Alabama or Pennsylvania to remove a 200-year-old plaque of the Ten Commandments or to prohibit a public school teacher and ultimately the whole school district and state from holding or even permitting prayer and Bible reading on campus. But one day, some activist ACLU lawyer sees a name in the phone book or city directory that looks Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim and discovers that yes,  that person is indeed of that nationality and religion.  Do they like having their child forced to listen to someone cram Christianity down their child's throat? Well, no. Not really.  How would they like to prevent the possibility that their Hindu child would have to listen to a Christian prayer ever again? Then sign here.  Now you are a plaintiff against this school teacher and the school board she (or he) works for. We will get the courts to prohibit this violation of "the separation of church and state."

Now the words, "the separation of church and state," do not appear anywhere in the Constitution, the Amendments nor other official documents upon which the U. S. Constitution is built. But the Ten Commandments ARE the basis for the law and order we have enjoyed from the nation's earliest founding days.

So where do Apostolic Pentecostals fit in all this? Are we living up to our God-given responsibilities and privileges? Are we prayerful enough and in one accord enough that God can overwhelm our congregations and national or international organizations with a spectacular like the Day of Pentecost?  Do we have any preachers close enough in their walk with God that people bring their sick and lay them where even the shadow of that Man of God passing will heal them as happened with the Apostle Peter in Acts 5:15?

Is the mighty nation of the United States, known around the world, whether rightly or wrongly, as a Christian nation going to permit a nation like Thailand to show us the importance of religion in public life?  I just saw on, of all places, the National Geographic channel, how the government of Thailand, a 95 percent Buddhist country which was becoming 

inundated with crime and public corruption, has ordered Police and other officials to take a renewal course in Buddhism and had them actually spend a week in a Buddhist monastery so as to be reminded of their responsibity and religious duty to be honest, incorruptible, righteous and peaceable as much as possible.

How much better would it be if somehow the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union (ACLU) would back off and the President, state governors and other leaders could mandate that all police and law enforcement people be required to attend a week or two of real Biblical Christian training. 

Oh, but what about the population of Muslims, Hindus, Athiests, Buddhists and Catholics (yes, I included Catholics among the non-Christians), Jewish, Confucian and other non-Christian groups. Wouldn't forcing them to attend Christian based training violate their Constitutional rights and the "Separation of church and state" that we hear so much about? 

Let me point out that 99 percent of people from other countries who move to the United States know that whether we actually live it, the country is founded upon Christianity and if they choose to come here to live, that was their choice. If they want to attend their own religious institutions, that is their privilege, but they have absolutely no right to tell us we can no longer practice Christianity because it offends them. And Most of them never would become involved in anti-Christian activities if it were not for the ACLU and their anti-God and therefore pro crime agenda.

And then, except for one now widely publicized letter from former President Thomas Jefferson now used out of its proper context and written to a Baptist convention, all other early Constitutional documents and the Declaration of Independence indicate a Christian foundation for the United States government. George Washington, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, John and Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson,John Hancock and virtually all the other leaders of the original Unite States of America declared their dependence upon Almighty God, which was clearly the God of Christianity and Judaism, for His guidance and protection as they established the greatest government ever to exist on planet Earth. In only that one letter, among many hundreds of others which clearly expressed dependency upon and in God, says anything about "separation of church and state" and that is definitely and clearly not what the First Amendment to the constitution states.

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The REAL Crime Prevention that WORKS
(Continued from page 15)
For the first 190 years of the United States existence, not only was Congress opened every session by prayer and the President inaugurated with his hand on the Bible, but the Supreme Court itself has the Ten Commandments engraved in granite on the building. And while there was a degree of lawlessness, especially in frontier areas in which law enforcement was limited, it was not until the Supreme Court ruling in the case of Madelyn Murray O'Hare which was used to deny the right of the majority to have bible and prayer in schools that crime began to get out of hand. Before that time, existing jails were basically sufficient to house all law breakers that got caught and death sentences for murdereres and certain other crimes was a powerful deterrent to murder and those other crimes that carried the death penalty. Oh, I know there are those who dispute the effectiveness of the death penalty in prevention of these crimes, but most of that lack of effectiveness is caused by the present legal system which permits extensive appeals and the reduction or even setting aside of sentences by courts for minor technicalities. Of course there are mistakes and there have been innocent people executed, but as much as I love my family, I would rather die as an innocent to preserve the very real deterrent effect of the death penalty than to allow a guilty person to go free simply because the system was perceived as ineffective. I would hope that my family, knowing I was innocent would continue to press for discovery of the real criminal and that he would be punished as well. 

Well how did the United States fall under the grip of the ACLU and other anti-God and pro crime influences?  Could it be that not enough pastors of whatever denomination or organization asked "WWJD?" The question was posed by the pastor in the Charles Sheldon book, "In His Steps" with spectacular results in the community. 

Business people started placing honesty and integrity ahead of the almighty dollar and students studied instead of cheating on exams because before taking any action, they asked "What would Jesus do if He were in my place."  People respected each others' homes instead of burglarizing them. Husbands were faithful to their wives and wives to their husbands because before taking any action, they asked "What would Jesus do if He were in my place." 

Even more so, this should be the reputation of every Apostolic Christian.  If we would all 
"Live in such a Godly Way
That those who know you day by day
Will not believe the ill of you
They hear somebody say,"1 we would set such an example that others could not help but see "Christ in you, the hope of glory."2 and we would "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven."3

And if the citizenry of the nation in general saw real apostolic Christianity in action, how long would it be before the crime rate began to drop - drastically.  And if Apostolic Christians backed and voted for people of like faith to elected office from the lowest dog-catcher or County Commissioner to Senators and Congressional Representatives and even to the President, before long the radical forces of evil that have governed far too much since the late 1950's could be replaced with godly, law-abiding people who would lead our country back to God instead of crime.

--  S. M. S.

1 Motto: "Live in Such a Godly Way" by Samuel M. Smith © 1972 Up Way Publications in Up Way for Christians magazine
2  Colossians 1:27 (last phrase)
3  Matthew 5:16
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Up Way Publications 34th Anniversary
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