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Volume 5   No. 5                                                                                                                               May 18, 2003
This message was first written  by Samuel M. Smith  May 18, 2003 ©2003 Up Way Publications.
“Christian” Unbelievers: 
The two words seem contradictory and opposites and indeed, frankly, they are, but yet it is a reality in the sense than many hundreds of thousands of people who think of themselves as good Christians, attend church every service and may even teach or preach in some church or churches. In fact, according to Jesus, some may even do mighty works and cast out devils in the name of Jesus and still fall in the category of unbelievers.
That seems like a contradiction and frankly it is. But there are several areas in which people who are good church members, and even pastors, demonstrate clearly by their actions or openly publicized teachings that they do not believe what the Bible says or that it really means what it says on some clearly expressed point.
1. Ordinary church members, the laiety, often show lack of faith and trust in GOD’s promises and provisions in areas of daily needs such as food, slelter, clothing, money, family protection or preservation, healing and health and the solving of interpersonal conflicta and relationships. Anxiety is symptomatic of and synonymous with doubt, lack of trust, belief or faith in GOD to fulfill all His promises such as Philippians 4:19; Romans 8:28; Matthew 6:33; and 1 Peter 5:7. Ministers may fall in this area of unbelief also.
2. “True” Bible scholars deliberately or accidentally overlook, explain around or even try to discredit plainly stated doctrinal points or to rationalize around them. A most noteworthy example of this is Christian Research Institute’s founder, Dr. Walter Martin and present president Hank Hanagraaff, who prefers teachings of apostates like Tertullian, Athanatius and the Cappadocian Fathers over the clear teaching of GOD’s Word and loudly proclaim any who disagree with them to be heretical and unorthodox, whereas the real unorthodox people are those who dispute the teachings of Jesus Christ and His immediate followers. Their unbelief in GOD and His Word is evidenced in two areas: a) that they do not believe what the Bible very clearly says and prefer to accept and teach rationalizations that apostate men in the past taught or modernists teach as their point of reference. b) that they do not believe GOD means what He says when He pronounces severe woes on shepherds (pastors) and teachers who would change His word and teach their “doctrines of men” (Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7; Colossians 2:22) in preference to GOD’s own teaching through His inspired prophets and teachers.
Among areas in which these “blind leaders of the blind” [See Matthew 15:14; Luke 6:39.] demonstrate unbelief or outright disbelief of what the Bible clearly and repeatedly says are: 
a)  GOD Himself, being one Spirit of GOD, came in the flesh, the only begotten Son to save and ransom the lost. 
b)  That GOD is three persons when the whole Bible is so clear that He is ONE Holy Spirit over and over and over again [See .] 
c)  The relationship of Repentance, Water Baptism and the Holy Spirit Baptism to genuine Biblical Salvation.
d)  The Biblical balance bertween the Doctrine of Grace and the possibility of Backsliding.
3. When the Holy Spirit Himself directly shows or has another prophet, preacher or teacher shows a Bible teacher, minister or teacher who is in error, the truth in the context and setting in which it was aritten and/or applies and that preacher or teacher refuses or neglects to correct his (or her) teaching it can only be either unbelief or outright rebellion against GOD’s Word.
And rebellion, itself, is a demonstration of unbelief in action. It demonstrates unbelief in the wrath and judgment of God upon all who tamper with His Word. It demostrates unbelief in the holiness, majesty and power of God. This kind of unbelief is a clear demonstration of lack of belief and is every bit as deadly to our spiritual life as any other unbelief.
4. Pastors and other “Christians” whether co-pastors or assistant pastors or just everyday christians who are “flip” [flippant] about sacred things demonstrate unbelief in the Majesty and holiness of God. This kind of unbelief is a also clear demonstration of lack of belief and is every bit as deadly to our spiritual life as any other form of unbelief.
5.  Those who do not believe in present day manifestations of the Holy Spirit in areas like speaking or praying in tongues, hy 
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--  S. M. S.

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