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About Georgia 
Up Way Publications 35th Anniversary

Talk To Ministers

Followers of Jesus Christ Ministries/ UP WAY PUBLICATIONS     P.O. Box 1015 Kailua, Hawaii 96734 -1015
VOL. 03                                                                ________                                                     No. 02

Originally - Volume 1 No. 1 New Smyrna Beach, Florida  February 1986

TALK TO MINISTERS is a newsletter for ministers of all denominations and persuasions ind church bodies whether independent or under direct organizational leadership. It is designed to relate the Truths of the Bible, God's Holy, Inspired Word to the world of the 1980's and to stimulate both thoughtful study of God's Word and inspiration for sermons of impact for the wellbeing of all true born again Christians.                           -- S. M. S.


Perhaps we should look at why mankind exists on the face of this earth; why this is not an uninhabited planet such as Jupiter, Mars or Venus, or even our own moon which has the most nearly correspondent distance from the sun as earth. Of course, if we believe that the Darwinian theory of Evolution is true, we are immediately faced with a problem. If mankind merely evolved over a period of millions or billions of years from a simple primeval single celled organism, he is then here merely by chance genetic mutation and has no real purpose in being.  And if this is true, then why not live entirely for one's own self and therefore feel angry, upset, frustrated, irritated, depressed, or even suicidal if things do not go according to our own desires and carefully laid plans? 

But if we believe that "In the beginning, God created. . . " everything that exists, then we can also believe that He created mankind and that there was a reason for His having done 3o. We are told that, "And God said, I Let us make man in our image, after our likeness;' ~Genesis 1:26a); In other words, man was to be a reflection of the Almighty God, a repli( )r immitation of Him. Now I ask you, "What is the purpose of making an immitation or a replica of anything?"

Is it not to bring praise and honor to the original? Do we make copies of worthless things )r immitate the trivial?

Now let's change the subject for a moment, How do you teach anyone a truth? How did

7our first grade teacher convince you of the exact value of the number four (4) ? Did she -tell you one time that 2+2=4 and don't you ever forget it! No! Over and over and over she drilled you: 3+1=4, 5-1=4, 10-6=4,  2+2= 4, and eventually 100-96=4! Today, it matters not how the subject is approached, you know the exact value of four (4). If your earthly 3chool teacher knows the value of repetition to permanently establish facts in your memory, how much more does God know the value of repetition to teach us His truths ?

No subject is so thoroughly covered in the Bible as the fact that mankind was placed on the earth to honor, glorify, fellowship with, praise, exalt, lift up, sing praises to and reflect the glory of God! From man's creation to be a replica or reflection of God to his walking and talking with God in the Garden of Eden, all through the laws of Moses, the Psalms of David, the teachings of Jesus and all of the Apostolic writings to the book of Revelation, no subject is so totally and thoroughly covered as how we are here to be a reflection of His glory and majesty!

Now, if I am living to please myself and have my own way in everything I do how do I glorify Him?  This is exactly why Solomon could say, "The plowing of the wicked is sin, " in Proverbs 21:4. Doesn't the sinner have the right to plow his field without it being wrong? In one sense, yes he does, but the sinner goes about earning his livelihood with nothing but his own needs and desires on his mind and when asked how he is progressing, speaks only from his own 
self-centered point of view. He does nothing to honor or glorify God or to bring praise to Him.  Conversely, the Christian seeks to reflect God and His glory whether it be in the plowing of a field or the singing of an anthem of praise in church.

-- S. M. S. 

Finally: DO NOT LOWER your holiness standard, but elevate, RAISE it to full agreement with what the Bible really says.

Yours for Jesus' sake,

Bro. Sam

P. O. Box 1015
Kailua, HI 96734-1015  U.S.A.
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Up Way Publications 35th Anniversary
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